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703. Emilio Lustau, Oloroso Sherry VORS, NV (2012)

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Book 4 Wine 703

£53.57; 20.5%

The bit of my WineBear order that actually arrived on reasonably on time (the 6 bottles of Clos des Goisses was due 6 months after ordering…). Good, I think – though quite different in style for an Oloroso. Mid-depth amber, with a broad, watery rim. No obvious olive tinge. Pronounced notes of hazelnut, orange zest and milk chocolate – quite ‘pale’ aromatics for an Oloroso. Caramel notes, rancio and saltiness emerge. Very dry palate, with salt & pepper. An almost tannic bite. Spicy black pepper finish. In many ways, more Amontillado-esque than Oloroso.

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