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661. Jean-René Germanier, Petite Arvine Valais, 2003

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Book 4 Wine 661

£20.28; 14%

[Signed in 2016 by Jean-René Germanier and Gilles Besse:

Trés impression par le cahier de Tim. Des desgustations si approfondés. Wonderfull. Jean-René Germanier

Magnifique rigueur vineuse. Gilles]

Random pick-up online, for comedy value! But ultimately quite rewarding, and surprisingly drinking quite well at 9 years, for a warmer vintage of a wine with a typical 3-5 year drinking window. A variety indigenous to the Valais. Deep yellow-gold, with even a copper glint or two, and a slight spritz. Intense, ripe, rich nose of ripe pears, yellow peach, membrillo, crystal ginger touches, but then a very Grüner-like white pepper emerges. Rich – almost off-dry – full-bodied palate, with medium acidity at most. Just enough to hold balance. Apricot, overripe pear, and ripe lemon flavours. Slightly hot finish develops as it warms, but quite long. Interesting.

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