An exploration of wine

620. Cave d’Irouleguy, Domaine de Mignaberry Irouleguy, 2007

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Book 4 Wine 620

€10.30; 12.5%

Picked up in the deli / wine shop in Luz-Saint-Sauveur, as an ‘interesting interlude’, given we were in Irouleguy country. But surprisingly hard to find. Overall, quite Bordeaux-like notes, but with freshness and acidity. Medium-depth ruby-garnet. At the first, bready hints, then cocoa, then notable cedar wood. Quite vinous. Smoky black fruit emerge. Plum resolves into quite focussed blackcurrant. Something fragrant too – violets, or herbal hints? Crisp acidity, with almost citrus-like raspberry / redcurrant flavours and lightweight / a touch short to begin with. But as it aerates, it fills out to medium body, medium+ intensity savoury cassis, with medium chalky tannins. Earthy, gravelly minerality emerges on the nose, and the palate lengthens with some oaky spice hints.

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