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580. Sanchez Romate, Miguel Fontádez Florido Single Butt 1/1 Oloroso Sherry, NV (2011)

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Book 4 Wine 580
£30 / 37.5cl; 20%

This Oloroso is best distinguished by its acidity and freshness, rather than mature cheese / rancio notes. A pity, given the mature Cheddar I had to eat with it! Medium depth chestnut colour, with a broad amber and olive rim. A ‘brown’ nose of walnut, dark chocolate, cocoa powder, clove and cinnamon, with flecks of chilli and ginger piquancy. Rich fruit-cake, oak and dark spice flavours, with a lemony mid-palate, and a refreshingly dry, wood-spice and ‘molasses’-bitter finish. Long, slightly tannic, spicy-yet-fresh finish. Interesting, and looking forward to my 2nd half-bottle.

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