An exploration of wine

376. Domaine Lagrezette, Château Lagrezette Cru d’Exception Cahors, 2001

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Book 3 Wine 376

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The second – and best – of what was ultimately an 0-3 poor showing of wines I’d taken to Janet & Steve’s in France. The first failure was Penfold’s 00A Chardonnay, which showed the potential quality, but was corked. The 3rd, and most frustrating, was a ‘soupy’ overdone (and possibly maderised) Vapolicella from Quintarelli – the alleged master. Couldn’t even be arsed with getting the label. Very poor value. Lagrezette, for me, was well made, but too ‘rustic’ for my tastes: too much tough tannin in the finish. Very deep, opaque, black-purple core (“black wine”, no shit!). Narrow, deep-purple, youthful rim. A little muted nose that eventually showed black cherry fruit with some vanilla toasty oak. On entry, rich, slightly sweet and full-bodied, with earthy, plummy fruit notes. Creamy mid-palate, but gets spicier and tannin-drier through the finish. Perhaps this needs a few more years’ cellaring?

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