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830. Château Suduiraut, 1er Cru Classé Sauternes, 2001

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Book 5 Wine 830

£??; 14%

In 28-50’s dinner with Christian Seely, some very good wines were served. This was the clear standout though – a very good Château, in a great vintage – the acidity was particularly noteworthy on this wine, balancing the substantial 150 g/L RS. 4.2 g/L TA as Sulphuric, apparently! Deep burnished gold. Complex, just maturing nose of crystal ginger, vanilla, roast quince, toast, spice, dried apricot and a fungal hint. Finishes almost dry, despite sugar. Fully sweet, but powerful acidity holds it in check. Spicy dried apricot, ginger, over-ripe quince and vanilla. Very long. Delightful. 95% Sémillon. 14 HL / Ha yield.

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