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666. François Villard, Condrieu DePoncins, 2010

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Book 4 Wine 666

£38.47; 14%

This is superb – showing the finer side of 2010 Northern Rhône whites – especially Condrieu. More fruit-driven than the toastier Grand Vallon. But again, benefits from a warmer (12-14°C?) serving temperature. Mid-gold. Intense aromatics of creamy apricot, lychee, some faint toast and hints of vanilla. Rich, full-bodied, with intense flavours of tangerine, apricot and a lovely counterpoint of ‘slatey’ minerality and nice hint of bitter peel. Medium acidity brings beautiful balance to this wine – and I think is the key to 2010’s white Rhône successes. Long, rich slightly buttery finish. Two more bottles will not last long! [Later note: Final bottle was the wine of Christmas 2012 at Andy and Sarah’s]

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