An exploration of wine

565. Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Fino Macharnudo Alto 18, NV (2011)

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Book 3 Wine 565

£22.50; 15%

Again, a richer, deeper style of Fino than most commercial brands. Mid-gold. Briny hints on the nose, but dominated by mature beeswax, dried apple, dried peels, olive, vanilla & savoury wood notes, plus toasted almond. Soft, rounded palate but with savoury, briny, olive notes – particularly on the medium-to-long finish. Well-balanced alcohol (warm but unobtrusive) – soft & smooth. Quite full-bodied. Slightly earthy touch over woody, chalky notes. Dried fruit. ‘Cheese’ savoury touches – good with mature hard cheese, perhaps?

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