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548. Château de Claribès, Sainte Foy Bordeaux Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, 2005

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€5-10; 13%

This was an unexpected gift from the people we stayed with in Henley 2010, where the husband Andy explained that a friend had established the chateau in this Bordeaux appellation that I’d not heard of before. I’ve since seen their white wine on Anyway, with the vintage to help, this came across as a well made €5-10? wine on aeration. Mid depth ruby; early age signs. Opened into a complex blend of toasty cinnamon oak, smoky black cherry, and a touch of vanilla. Develops into a quite ripe, concentrated, blackberry & black cherry fruit. Medium+ acidity (just) enough to balance. Initial savouriness softened & sweetened on aeration, and the tannins became a little less ‘agricultural’ & smoother. Not bad for the likely price-point.

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