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544. Grover Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc India, 20??

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Book 3 Wine 544

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Sadly I managed to throw the bottle away before getting the modern-style label from this Indian wine. To judge by the packaging, this vineyard is attempting to make something of India’s wine industry. Also sadly, it didn’t quite hit the mark. Clearly well made – no obvious winemaking faults or diseased fruit, but rather just a little bland. There was something a bit ‘flat’ and simple about the aromatics. This could have been because of bottle storage, since this was bought in India by SJ. But its slightly tinned pea and ‘not-powerfully-gooseberry / citrus’ aromas also threw in a thought about vines. Just as Chile’s Sauvignon Blanc vineyards turned out to be mainly Sauvignon Vert / Sauvignonasse, I wonder if India’s (or Grover Vineyards’) vines are definitely true Sauvignon Blanc? Anyway, not a bad wine by any means, but the bottle didn’t get finished.

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