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357. Champagne Moutard, Cuvée des 6 Cépages, 2002

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Book 2 Wine 357

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I decided to open this at the third and final round of birthday celebrations, with drinks and food at my flat for friends. Quite appropriate really, since its bottling date was 10th July! Anyway, this was the Champagne from the 2nd Optimor case (going head to head against an Aussie – Tasmanian – sparkler). But what makes this Champagne particularly interesting is that (as the name suggests) it uses all 6 of the permitted Champagne grapes. 3 of these – Pinot Blanc, Petit Méslier and Arbanne – are barely known, let alone grown! So this was definitely an interesting bottle. Quite nice too, if a little effeminate – it has a noticeably sweeter, richer style than other bruts. Apparently, this is a house theme. Pale lemon, with a loose and short-lived mousse. Fine, but not persistent bead. Slight biscuit around creamy fruity nose: apricot, strawberry and stewed gooseberry. Sweet-apple palate and again slightly creamy. Definitely a sweeter style – soft and easy, without pronounced acidity. Not blowsy though.

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