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338. Schmitges, Erdener Treppchen Riesling Spätlese Mosel, 1995

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Book 2 Wine 338

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The second-last wine from the Optimor case, and the final white. A good chance to continue my New Year’s white wine resolution. I held-off on this until I had an opportunity to drink it with some simply pan-fried tiger prawns. And I was fairly well justified – balancing the sweetness of the fresh prawn flesh with the residual sweetness of this Spätlese. Having said that, I didn’t know how sweet this would turn out to be. I needn’t have worried. Whilst there was a sweetness and notable sugary character, it was so well balanced by the vibrant acidity that the sweetness merely gave the wine body. Mid-gold, with green glints. Initially, mature Riesling kerosene hit on the nose, wrapped in some toast. However, over days, the petrolly notes fade to the background to yield creamy lemon and lime notes. Vanilla and toast hints remain. Lively palate of citrus crush, pear, and some creaminess again. Good complexity of flavour – dances on the palate, where it changes “colour”. Over later days, honeyed notes emerge (as it oxidises?). Pretty good overall. Enjoyed this!

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