An exploration of wine

242. d’Arenberg, Riesling The Noble McLaren Vale, 2000

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Book 2 Wine 242

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Another wine courtesy of Steve Otterburn. I still haven’t had The Dead Arm Shiraz for which d’Arenberg is most renowned, but this is a very decent substitute: a pleasure to drink on its own, let alone with Christmas pud. Red copper colour – if you blended the cross-stripe on the label with the two copper side-stripes, that would be about it. Very definitely blood orange aromas, with a hint of creaminess also. Blood orange flavours dominate the palate, alongside strong acidity that cuts through the sugar. Medium-long, clean finish, with a hint of lime-peel bitterness (unexpected, though not necessarily unpleasant). Good overall… except for having a back-label with the longest self-congratulatory message on it that I ever remember seeing…!

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