An exploration of wine

107. Champagne Jean Moutardier, Millésime Brut, 1991

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Book 1 Wine 107

c. 85 FRF; 12%

A product of mine & Dad’s first visit to Moutardier’s winery South West of Reims, whilst hunting the 1999 total eclipse of the Sun. This was the last bottle of an unusual ’91 vintage, dominated by Champagne’s 3rd grape, Pinot Meunier. Moutardier specialise in this grape. I didn’t drink any of the ’91 before 2003, but Dad thought that it had lost some zip and fresh bread aromas. Pale green colour, with fine light bubbles. Lightly toasted aromas, with a fresh but soft – slightly sweetish flavour. Very pleasant and particularly for c. 85 FRF back in 1999.

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