An exploration of wine

101. Weingut Meyer-Näkel, Spätburgunder Qualitätswein Trocken Ahr, 2000

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The guy in the shop couldn’t get this label off for love-nor-money – he was trying to soak it off in cold water. He evidently didn’t know the boiling-water-in-the-bottle trick, which took it off first time when I got home. But that meant I had to carry the empty bottle back from the wine-shop-restaurant. In Berlin. Past customs! Just ran the Berlin Marathon the previous Sunday and was touring around with Ben, Michelle, Sep and Mark, and we stopped for a drink and a bite. The guy recommended this Spatburgunder or Pinot Noir. Very interesting – it was fullish-bodied and high in alcohol, which surprised me for such a Northerly wine (Chaptalised?). Whatever, I brought it back because it was both unusual and nice. Initial aromas of tar (which dissipated) and then strong gamey / roast-meat notes took over. Alcoholically slight sweetness initially to the full-bodied meaty flavour, but with a distinctly acidic cut through to the finish (the only major down-point to an otherwise pleasant drink!).

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