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460. Bacalhôa, J. P. Moscatel Moscatel de Setúbal, 2001

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Wine 460

€??; 17%

When we were in Portugal to celebrate the bicentennial of General Delaborde’s Battle of Roliça against Wellington, I was keen to try a Moscatel de Setúbal, and found this one from Bacalhôa. It turned out to be very pleasant, and would work as an aperitif well-chilled, as well as a dessert wine. Quite a deep, coppery colour, rather than the gold or gold-amber of many other Muscats (this one being Muscat of Alexandria). Aromatically in the vanilla-and-preserved-tangerines range, with dried peel notes and sweet spice complexity. Good acidity and not over-sweet, with an orange characteristic to the flavour. Enjoyable and would happily buy again. Nice, modern packaging too.

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