An exploration of wine

183. Hetszolo, Tokaji Aszu 5 Puttonyos, 1996

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Book 1 Wine 183

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Another from Steve to round-off Christmas lunch. This is from the “other” top Tokaji house of Hetszolo (vs. Royal Tokaji), so was good to try. Proved that Tokaji is an excellent match for Christmas pudding. Pale copper colour. Rich Christmas cake aromas and flavours, although less pronounced all-round than the ’91 Royal Tokaji 1ae Classis. An excellent wine nevertheless. So a good way to wrap-up Book 1 – started in ’98 / ’99, and finished Christmas Day 2004. A couple from Christmas / New Year Gap 2005 to kick-off 2005 and Book 2… Onwards & upwards!

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