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935. Champagne Moutard, Cépage Arbane Vieilles Vignes, 2006

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Book 5 Wine 935

€68; 12.5%

[Signed: Victor Laculle-Moutard]

So, despite hearing of the existence of this 100% Arbane Champagne from Moutard a while back, I only finally found a bottle… in Madeira! So we had this for pre-flight lunch. Overall an interesting Champagne to try, but not a great vintage wine. Fruity and rounded, with comparatively moderate acidity. Pale lemon with a medium bead. Fruity white peach, a touch of banana and of yellow apple. Some creamy, cheesy lees complexity with a touch of nut. Honey complexity, but still quite simple. On the palate, rounded white peach and banana. Medium length. Fruity. Rounded. Approachable.

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