An exploration of wine

923. Domaine de Montbourgeau, l’Etoile Savagnin, 2011

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Book 5 Wine 923

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An entertaining highlight of my ‘Odd Whites’ open tasting. 3 years under flor for 100% Savagnin / Gewürztraminer. Its flavour makes it great for adding an extra dimension to braised chicken dishes. Mid-deep gold, with an oily texture. Pronounced aromatics of toast, almond and spice; very nutty. Slightly yeasty / autolytic. Savoury, with a hint of grilled chicken. Creamy vanilla and nutty / toasty notes. Some Amontillado-like astringency with dried yellow fruit and Savagnin spice. Saline. Fortunate to try this, as one turned up in our Paper 3 exam!

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