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886. Château Suduiraut, 1er Cru Classé Sauternes, 1989

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Book 5 Wine 886

£125; 14.5%

An entertaining end to dinner Chez Bruce pre-Christmas, with corkage, Jack, Rob, Kari, Ruth and Helen. After Corton-Charlemagne, Le Dôme 01 and Laforge 03, this was something different. Not the greatest period for Suduiraut, pre-AXA, but a cracking vintage for the region. Fully-mature, showing an almost dry finish. Mid copper. Beeswax candles, some ginger spice, marmalade peel, caramel sugar and vanilla hints. Opens rich on the palate, with bright acidity, but moves through to dry at the finish. Moderate length. Burnt marmalade and grilled orange flavour. The dryness made it work exceptionally with foie gras. Not bad with blue cheese either.

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