An exploration of wine

864. Cheval des Andes, Mendoza, 2010

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Book 5 Wine 864

AR$??; 14.5%

…compared with this, which should be an epic, iconic wire, yet lacks freshness to sustain more than 1 or 2 glasses. This is undoubtedly a decently-made wine, with lots of concentration and well-handled tannins, but its relative lack of freshness detracts from its quality as well as its longevity. Also free ‘on tap’ at the posada… Black colour, with a narrow ruby rim. Dense black fruit nose, overlayed with cinnamon, vanilla and cedar oak spice. Lots of new oak. Creamy, with some black olive and mocha. Black, sweet, quite jammy fruit. Soy & smoky mid-palate. Toasty spice finish, penetrated by alcohol heat. Good, but not a Grand Cru.

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