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846. Familia Zuccardi, Malamado Malbec Mendoza, 2012

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Book 5 Wine 846

£??; 19.5%

This was a surprise in a couple of ways. First, it finished-off (almost literally, given the next morning…) an unexpected Monday night dinner with work (research purposes, honest…) at Gaucho Grill near Tower Bridge. I had 4 hours’ notice for said dinner. Second, having got talking to the sommelier, María, earlier in the evening, it was a surprise to be offered this for complementary enjoyment. The final surprise was the wine itself. Having had a lovely Catena Alta Malbec 2010 with the main course, this was a sweet Malbec – deliberately done in the Port style (19.5% ABV). Bright berry fruit with a chocolatey, cocoa note (great with the chocolate truffles). Sweet, but not overpoweringly so (guessing 100 g/L?), and most notably, a juiciness brought about by underlying acidity. Straightforward. Supple tannins. Ready to enjoy.

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