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843. Dr. Konstantin Frank, Dry Riesling Finger Lakes, 2012

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Book 5 Wine 843

$??; 12%

Whilst in Maine, one should always go local, so when I saw a NY state wine on the dinner list, it was an easy choice. And a convenient chance to sample a first Finger Lakes Riesling. We had 2 bottles, and by chance the first was 2013 and the second 2012. The 2013 was aromatically simple – mainly white flower, whereas the 2012 had more depth, with additional honey notes, some chalkiness and citrus. On the palate, quite a delicate style – light-medium body, lemon / lime flavour with some touches of chalkiness. Dry but not bone dry (4 g/L?). Not huge extract, and a little short on the finish – younger vines perhaps? Nice.

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