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783. Domaine Weinbach, Pinot Gris Altenbourg Vendanges Tardives, 2008

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Book 5 Wine 783

£80.05; 10%

This was the wine of the Pinot Gris / Chenin Blanc line-up, and showed well later in the sweet wine line-up. Very intense flavour, but superbly balanced by a streak of acidity that I now know marks Alsace 2008s. Deep gold. Lifted aromatics of quince paste, some marmalade and preserved fruit, suggesting substantial botrytis (50+%?). Underlying sweet spice varietal notes. Citrus crystal fruit and preserved mandarin flavour with some spicy ginger mid-palate notes. Refreshing citrus acidity balances the notable but not heavy sweetness (80 g/L) [actual 114 g/L]. Long. Lovely.

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