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736. Clos Triguedina, Probus Cahors, 2005

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Book 4 Wine 736

€29.50; 13.5%

The most mediaeval wine I had in my cellar, so had to bring this for the beef course, though it was likely to be young still – and it was, tannin-wise. But a very good example of Cahors’ renaissance with Malbec – taking the meaty dark fruit of Argentina, but giving it a savoury, food edge. Deep ruby, with a narrow rim – saturated and youthful. Pronounced grilled meat notes, with a hint of black olive and dried herbs. Black fruit in the background. Rich, full-bodied, full-powered, spicy blackcurrant savoury fruit. Inky almost. High, but fine-grained tannins. Slightly smoky, espresso-laced finish – though only medium+ length. Give it 10 more years to soften the tannins, and add complexity.

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