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729. Kellerei Nals Margreid, Pinot Grigio Alto Adige, 2010

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Book 4 Wine 729

£9.04; 13.5%

I have a generally deep dislike for Pinot Grigio, as a broadly vapid waste of time, that insults Pinot Gris. But I know there are pockets of high quality in spots like Fruili. And Alto Adige, so I thought I’d give this a go. And it turned out pretty well – some depth of character and intensity, mixed with Alpine crispness. Mid yellow-gold. Honeyed, ripe pear and crab-apple, with a touch of bacon, and brown spice and cinnamon. Medium+ bodied, medium acidity, medium+ alcohol, and a medium+ intensity crab-apple, white peach, and chalky mineral palate. Slightly grapefruit-peel bitter finish. Some alcohol burn at the finish. Medium(+) finish. Not bad.

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