An exploration of wine

667. Produttori del Barbaresco, Barbaresco Riserva Vigneti in Montefico, 1999

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Book 4 Wine 667

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Along with the de Poncins, this made up birthday dinner for Dad’s 69th, served with stewed duck, red wine, morilles and black pudding. And a very nice, near-mature Barbaresco. Mid-depth garnet with a medium-width brick rim. A split personality, aromatically: haunting floral / perfumed aromatics on the one hand, then the classic ‘tarry’, dark, smoky, grilled-meat, sawn-wood note on the other. Sweet, baked blackberries, with a sweet balsamic note. Earthy too. Complex aromatics and flavours. Good acidity & flavour intensity. Ripe tannins and maturing quite well. A touch more softening would help.

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