An exploration of wine

642. Albert Boxler, Pinot Gris Grand Cru Brand Alsace, 2005

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Book 4 Wine 642

£40.52; 13.5%

Surprisingly sweet, this – medium at least – which made this probably not a wine one would sit down with and sip – in spite of its spicy complexity and concentration. But in the context of Mauritian fish and seafood cuisine, it hits its stride. In particular, with our first course at Chez Liline for Christmas 2011 – sweet prawns with a rich, sweet tomato and aromatic chilli sauce, the sweet, spicy flavour was superb. Deep gold. Intense peach, ripe pear, crystal ginger, lychee and complex spice nose. Rich, medium-sweet, full-bodied, peach, honey, apricot and a touch of mineral undertow. Spicy finish. But above all, Sarah liked it.

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