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623. Seresin, Pinot Gris Marlborough, 2007

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Book 4 Wine 623

£12; 14.5%

Picked up at a comparative knock-down price from POTG for the Princess Wine Club, and once again, upholds the Pinot Gris tradition over the Grigio. Not a perfect Pinot Gris though – a bit too fat and alcoholic – but served well-chilled, it works pretty well. Medium-to-deep gold. On the nose, pronounced spicy pepper, sweet paprika and cinnamon over ripe, ripe pear and mango fruit. Earthy, some malo popcorn notes and caramel. Ripe, rich, full-bodied and oily. A bit fat – could do with a touch more acidity to hold balance. Medium+ mango and spice finish.

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