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614. Belondrade y Lurton, Rueda Verdejo, 2008

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Book 4 Wine 614

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I wanted to have a Rueda Verdejo in the Princess Wine Club mix, so tasted a couple at POTG, and chose this. A good example of the oak-aged style. Complex, but still possibly a touch young. Has an almost apple-pie richness, but with good, balancing acidity. Pale gold. On the nose, initially ripe mandarin, yellow peach and a touch of nettle, with some lemon rind. Intense, rich and ripe. Then resolves into that creamy, fresh-baked apple pie character. Some sweet spice touches, vanilla, lemon and toast. Complex – but not quite together yet ~1 more year? Grapefruit and white peach flavours, with vanilla, lemon and a creamy mid-palate. Fresh. Waxy, long finish.

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