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564. Equipo Navazos, La Bota de Manzanilla 22, NV (2011)

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Book 3 Wine 564

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Having read many good things about the Sherry selections of Equipo Navazos, I figured I’d test out a spread – Manzanilla, Fino and Palo Cortado. They were all very good indeed – though the styles of both Manzanilla and Fino were idiosyncratic. I thought this was actually a Manzanilla Pasada, given its characteristics! Deep, rich gold, with copper glints hinted at some age & oxidative contact. Olive brine with just hints of green apple skin. Toasty almond and even hazelnut notes. Touch of cream & cinnamon hints. On the palate, toasted almond, brine and tangy lemon / mandarin at the finish. Light-to-medium bodied – lightness but richness of flavour. Interesting. Pretty good quality, though perhaps not my favourite Manzanilla example?

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