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529. Peregrine, Wentworth Pinot Noir Gibbston Central Otago, 2006

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Book 3 Wine 529

NZD 77.92; ??%

Writing a time after drinking, so a little from memory, this was certainly a fine Pinot Noir. This is the top-end offering from Peregrine in Gibbston Valley, and tasting it at the winery it stood out from the rest of the range in the silkiness of its tannins. That was reflected on drinking it again with another couple of years in the bottle. Like quite a few New Zealand Pinots, it had a deeper ruby colour, and somewhat more blueberry & blackberry fruit notes. If I recall, plenty of smoky, cocoa notes here, but not a huge amount of tertiary development. Overall, I enjoyed this, but did wonder where it would go – not quite the concentration and balanced structure for the long haul. Can Kiwi Pinots be great?

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