An exploration of wine

524. Mouchão, Vinho Regional Alentejano, 2003

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Book 3 Wine 524

€52; 14.5%

Pretty expensive, although this was the hotel restaurant price during our training camp in Avis, in the Northern part of Alentejo. Nevertheless, a high quality wine, and built to last, given the youthful character of this 7 year old wine. Deep ruby colour – showing only early maturity. Quite open, red fruit led (raspberries), but also with blackberry tones too, nose (great grammar there). Overlayed with subtle, complex oak tones: cinnamon and caramel / Demerara notes. Tannins only emerge on the finish as a moderate grip, with some good acidity to give structure. Lots of rich blackberry flavour with pretty good length. Holds balance to its 14.5% ABV.

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