An exploration of wine

431. Seresin, Pinot Gris Marlborough, 2006

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Book 3 Wine 431

NZD 35-40; ??%

The first wine of the wedding party at Furneaux Lodge, and finally a good Kiwi Pinot Gris. Whilst I was impressed by the Riesling and Gewürztraminer potential of Central Otago, their Pinots Gris were much more akin to the Grigio, neutral style. This, however, had much more on nose, palate and mouthfeel – more Alsatian. Pale lemon colour. Quite intense nose, initially of oak toast, then opening into classic grapefruit notes, with some smoky hints too. Spicy, smoky palate, with melon and grapefruit. Dry. Pretty long too. Nice.

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