An exploration of wine

421. Taylor, Vintage Port, 1966

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Book 3 Wine 421

£150-200; ??%

What a cracking way to finish Tony’s stag party dinner at Greig’s Grill. It is such a shame that they served this in old-school schooners…schooners!! I had to insist on using my wine glass, and justifiably so (worth taking a note, and the empty bottle!). So alive, at this age, with plenty of fruit still there, to continue maturing over another decade! Medium garnet colour, with a wide, tawny rim – plenty of colour gone to sediment. Medium intensity, complex, but elegant nose, with cinnamon, milk chocolate, coffee hints, leather hints, and vanilla, wrapped around a strawberry jam fruit core. Demerara and raisin too. Smooth, ripe and rich, with well-integrated tannin. Sweet, spicy, peppery palate, but everything in balance. Liquorice and mint hints over distinct raspberry and red fruit core. Ready to drink, but has such life! Excellent!

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