An exploration of wine

388. Artezin, Zinfandel California, 2004

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Book 3 Wine 388

£10.95; 14.5%

From Napa Valley’s Hess Collection winery, this, picked up on a good deal that Dante got on US wine via The Wine Society. A touch simple, but not bad. Nevertheless, didn’t come close to the heights of Rafanelli, Martinelli’s Giuseppe & Luisa, or the Geyserville blend. Surprisingly pale colour, relatively – medium-depth garnet, with a medium-width rosy rim. A blend of raspberry and blackberry juice on the nose, with red pepper spice, milk chocolate hints, and woody oak toast notes. Ripe, juicy, fruit-led palate. High alcohol (but not turbo). Warm black-fruit flavour. Light peppery tannins emerge at the finish, of medium length. A bit simple. Surprisingly higher acidity than many Zins – I wonder if that’s an effect of Hess Collection being at altitude on Mount Veeder?

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