An exploration of wine

385. Vegaval Plata, Valdepeñas Gran Reserva, 1999

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Book 3 Wine 385

€5-10?; 13%

A gift from a part-colleague, from Valdepeñas (she is, as is the wine). Given to me as an intro to the wines of the region. A pretty well-made – and likely good value wine, albeit a bit ‘rustic’, from the point of view of the tannin quality. Light-to-medium depth garnet core, with a thin brick-garnet rim. Moderate intensity, savour nose: smoke, gunflint, chilli-spice, and underlying cherry (red?) fruit underneath. Well crafted – much winemaking? Slight bubblegum note (some proportion of carbonic maceration?). Light-bodied, with medium-high acidity. Moderate, grippy tannic finish – protrudes a little. Red-fruit (dry) flavour with some woody overtones (?). Medium-length, grippy finish, with a hint of vanilla.

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