An exploration of wine

375. Bolla, Le Poiane Valpolicella Classico Superiore Ripasso, 2004

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Book 2 Wine 375

£??; 13.5%

So I was debating what should be the last entry in Book 2 – something grand? Something famous? Then I just went for something interesting – a Ripasso Valpolicella, picked up on my Venice rowing trip. Good job too. Reasonably priced, but more importantly, a very good wine. Lots of complexity, good length, and freshness too. Clear, light-medium garnet or blood-red, with a narrow brick rim. Fairly intense nose, but the ripasso character comes through in pronounced secondary aromas: dried cherries, with tobacco and cigar-box (!) notes. Hints of vanilla and chille powder spice. Touch of cocoa / smoke. After a day, some slatey, pebbly notes (and smoother too). Juicy red-fruit attack with good acidity (red fruit deepened over time). Smoky mid-palate, but a touch short to begin with. Filled out and lengthened a day later. Touch of sweetness on the palate, with a hint of Amarone bitterness at the finish. Good and easy drinking now. Enjoyable! Roll-on Book 3.

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