An exploration of wine

374. Robert Weil, Kiedricher Berg Auslese, 1921

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Book 2 Wine 374

So when I was asking for a TBA spare label, the guy who helped me out came back with this piece of history, so I figured I’d use it to summarise the other 9 wines I’d tasted. I think I actually preferred the BA – but these are sooo embryonic that I’ve not the experience to judge – but it had layers of complexity. Dark chocolate, coffee grounds, membrillo, orange and apricot, with a smoky tarte tatin palate. The auslese was my “oh my God” point, when gooseberry tart & custard hit me out of the fresh quince & spice nose; and then the creamy apple-crumble flavours left a finish with mouth-watering, lip-smacking acidity, as did the Gräfenberg Spätlese. I bought all 3. The more basic and trocken / halb-trocken wines were nevertheless decent, and refreshing (scoring 4-6 / 10, to my mind), particularly the Spätlese and the genuinely slatey Gräfenberg Kab.

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