An exploration of wine

371. Champagne Gosset, Brut, NV (2007)

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Book 2 Wine 371

£??; 12%

This, by comparison with the Billecart-Salmon, was leaner and drier – and a touch cruder, in my mind. Some did prefer this though, showing that all tastes differ (although previously everyone preferred Jean Moutardier!). Pale yellow gold, with a quite persistent fine bead. Initially quite unusual grilled green pepper (or perhaps struck match – i.e. sulphur) on the nose, which disippated into a biscuity note. Quite a lean palate, with a dry finish (vs. the fuller finish of the Billecart-Salmon). Maggie rightly picked out pear flavours as the main descriptor. OK, but would rush back to buy again.

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