An exploration of wine

369. Vicchiomaggio, Il Santo di Vicchiomaggio, NV

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Book 2 Wine 369

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Mum brought this back from visiting the estate in Chianti. I’m still not sure exactly what this wine is… there’s no obvious DOC-type label. The only thing that suggested that this was an ‘official’ wine was “vino liquoroso” on the back label… Anyway, an odd wine – not nasty, but not nice either. Weird schizophrenic wine. Got better over time though. Deep copper with a medium-width brassy rim. Oxidative style on the nose – raisiny, but with slightly ‘fino’-like astringency. Green apple notes too. After a day, vanilla notes emerge, to give a baked apple note. Sweet-dry palate – bizarre… doesn’t know what it is. Good acidity, but both sweetness and astringency. Hmmm.

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