An exploration of wine

367. Tokaji Oremus, Chateau Kurucz Tokaji Aszú 6 Puttonyos, 1994

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Book 2 Wine 367

€25; 11%

Yet another example of Tokaji to match up to Christmas pudding. And this one was particularly enjoyable – not so much for its complexity of aroma and flavour, which was a touch simple – but for its balance. Disznókő are one of the big names and you can see why. 6 puttonyos is the sweetest Tokaji Aszú grade excluding essencias, yet the careful balancing act with acidity sidestepped any risk of being cloying. Very easy to drink chilled. Copper colour. On the nose, a marmalade and botrytis combination, with more sweet citrus fruit on the palate. Medium-long flavour. Disappeared quite quickly.

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