An exploration of wine

360. Château de Rayne Vigneau, 1er Cru Classé Sauternes, 1999

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Book 2 Wine 360

£20; 13.5%

Also from POTG’s cellar clearance and the final wine of my birthday, served with Bleu d’Auvergne and the sweet biscuit course (including ginger biscuits). A very pleasant dessert wine. Not the world’s most complex, but definitely a solid performer. Deep yellow-gold, with orange glints. Intense barley-sugar, marmalade and vanilla-spice nose, with some pineapple or perhaps crystallised pineapple fruit. Full-bodied, quite concentrated but balanced sweetness and acidity. Palate of crystallised ginger (fitted the biscuits, by chance!), sweet honey and a grapefruit bitterness at the finish.

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