An exploration of wine

356. Jean Daneel, Chenin Blanc Stellenbosch, 2005

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Book 2 Wine 356

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So this is the New World partner to the Old World Savennières Chenin Blanc. A quite different style. Though dry, a riper style – creamier and with a sense of sweetness (from higher alcohol?). Deep yellw-gold, with perhaps some bronze glints. Distinctly creamy nose, with some vanilla and honey. Later a lemony fruit note blends in. Swings between a toasty Madeira cake and lemon drizzle cake, perhaps served with cream. Medium-full bodied, medium-high acidity and fairly good length. Creamy palate with a touch of caramel green apples. Vanilla-licked finish. Goes quite well with buffalo mozzarella, surprisingly. Nice.

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