An exploration of wine

350. Domaine Laureau, Savennières Cuvée du Bel Ouvrage, 2000

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Book 2 Wine 350

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So, the official ‘first wine’ from the Second Optimor Wine Club case! Savennières was chosen to represent the Loire Valley and Chenin Blanc, and paired-up against South Africa’s now-signature white grape. I was expecting a leaner, drier, more appley profile, but given that this had 7 years of bottle age, the outcome wasn’t surprising. Mid-gold, maturing hue. Nose clearly honeyed, with some appliness, but very much as a secondary note. A generous nose, and enjoyable. On the palate, a creamier texture than I was expecting, but actually quite dry on the finish. Moderate acidity, and a slightly awkward flavour note of ‘dusty pebbles’. Overall, not bad. Didn’t do well against the creamy queen scallops it was served with – needed to be more buttery. Not bad overall, though!

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