An exploration of wine

347. W. & J. Graham & Co, Late Bottled Vintage Port, 1997

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Book 2 Wine 347

c. £10-12 (1L); 20%

This one gets in not so much for being a reasonably decent LBV, but because of the abuse it survived! I’d kept this 3/4 finished for several years and across a few countries… to the point where it actually managed to throw a considerable sediment (which apparently LBVs shouldn’t do!). So it evolved into and intriguingly, slightly “rancio” style of Port. Pale brick-garnet with a medium tawny rim. Elastoplast and caramel nose, but with prune and crème caramel / butteriness, reminiscent of rancio. Moderately sweet, with little tannin but a touch of acidity. Some spicy pear-in-red-wine character with cocoa powder. Surprisingly still alive at all, if a little bare boned. OK drinking.

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