An exploration of wine

346. Soljans Estate, Marlborough Riesling, 2005

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Book 2 Wine 346

c. 16 PLN; 12.5%

Drunk with Dobromir, Pawel and Masciej in my first visit to Warsaw and Poland, having a very pleasant evening at the Boathouse, by the Vistula. Preceded by a better wine – a 2004 Pascal Bouchard Chablis which was fairly austere but with a creamy hint to nose and palate, and really my style of Chablis. This was also pretty good. Slight spritz on the palate. Pale green-gold. Creamy lemon-lime nose. Zippy palate but with both cream and some toastiness that suggested barrel fermentation? Pretty nice (though Germany and Alsace exceed it in quality).

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