An exploration of wine

326. Caldora, Pecorino Colle dei Venti IGT Terre de Chieti, 2005

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Book 2 Wine 326

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So, the next from the Optimor Wine Club case AND it satisfied my New Year’s Resolution. And a great find – a good recommendation from the POTG lads. The grape variety is Pecorino, native to the Abruzzi region of Western Italy. Oxford Wine Companion devotes 2 lines (albeit from 2nd Edition ‘declining’ to 3rd Edition ‘recovering’). Hopefully the 4th Edition will document its rise. A great alternative to Old World Chardonnay. Mid-gold with a medium, watery rim. Moderate nose of vanilla, lemon, a touch of grapefruit & gooseberry (when cold), and on warming, notes of melon & honey. Medium acidity, bearing lemon and grapefruit flavours when cold. On warming, fuller-bodied with some creaminess. Reminiscent of both Gavi di Gavi and hints of Sauvignon Blanc on the nose. When chilled, lean & dry. Fatter when warm. Nice.

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