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324. J. B. Becker, Wallufer Oberberg Riesling Auslese Rheingau, 1992

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Book 2 Wine 324

£21.50; 10.5%

[signed by Hans-Joseph Becker, owner-winemaker, in 2008]

The first of 4 whites (followed by 4 reds) at Planet of the Grapes’ blind tasting night in February 2007, and in my view the white of the night – really helping to open my eyes to good German Riesling. In spite of its age, still a bold, full, yellow-gold colour and plenty of classic liminess on the nose (I scored 3/5 on this one – compared with 11 on all 4 whites and 6 on all reds…). Also some spicy notes and the first hints of petrol. But the palate really does it – although there is some sweetness, it’s in balance (and not as much as the Auslese tag threatened) due to high, zesty acidity. Limey flavours coupled with a long, slightly bitter finish. Easy drinking on its own!

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