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322. Massaya, Classic Bekaa Valley Lebanon, 2004

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Book 2 Wine 322

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So this was the first of the first case from the Optimor Wine Club, that I put together with the lads from Planet of the Grapes (£225 for a £250 dozen, with an intriguing range of 12 different fine wines). This is one of a new wave of winemakers from the Lebanese Bekaa Valley, following Château Musar’s continued torch-bearing! Overall, well made, though not awesome. Pinot Noir colour depth with narrow, rosy rim. Initially a cross between stewed dark fruit and mulled wine, with vanilla. Develops into strawberry & vanilla, slightly Zinfandel-like – a little at odds with itself. Quite fresh palate of red fruits with a slight peppery meaty note. Light-medium bodied. Fruit disappears a bit early, to leave a peppery finish with some background tannin.

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